Monday, March 17, 2014

Join us for a candle light winemaker’s dinner and help celebrate Earth Hour!

Southbrook Vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake is hosting a special winemaker’s dinner to celebrate Earth Hour!

Nature Canada was thrilled when Southbrook Vineyard reached out to us and generously offered to donate a portion of the proceeds for their candle light winemaker’s dinner to our conservation efforts. This donation will greatly help us protect nature all while celebrating a great cause. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Hour.
Bill & Marilyn Redelmeier and their staff at Southbrook Vineyard strongly believe in organic and biodynamic viticulture.  It’s clear that they have a profound respect for the soil, water and ecosystems upon which great wine, and our planet relies. In addition to being LEED certified, their 150 acre Southbrook Vineyard also received Organic and Biodynamic certification in 2008.

Why not consider attending the “Candle Light Winemaker’s Dinner” on Saturday March 29th, 2014, to celebrate Earth Hour?  This unique evening begins with a tour of Southbrook’s Vineyard, lead by their award-winning winemaker.  An elegant 5 course dinner, prepared by The Yellow Pear (a solar powered Food Truck), will be served in Southbrook’s Great Room.  It’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Candle)!

Southbrook Vineyard Winemaker’s Dinner (Bring Your Own Candle!)

When:  Saturday March 29th

Where: Southbrook’s Vineyard | 581 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Cost: $125 + HST (20% of all proceeds will be donated to Nature Canada)

How to register:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update on Arturo

For those of you following the unfolding drama due south, we have good news from our friends over at the Toronto Zoo. Arturo, the polar bear living in captivity in Argentina, is in need of a new home and the folks at the Toronto Zoo assured us today that they are working with their partners, the Assiniboine Park and Zoo and Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, to ensure the situation with Arturo has a positive resolution.

Thank you to everyone for reaching out to us on behalf of Arturo. We wish him the very best!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Women for Nature launched to inspire Canadians to protect nature

Founding members of Women for Nature
Nature Canada's Board and staff were pleased to celebrate the launch of the Women for Nature initiative, a unique partnership of motivated and influential women who are dedicated to protecting nature.
Over 150 founding members, friends, colleagues, politicians and business leaders took part in a Parliamentarian reception showcasing the founding members of Women for Nature. The reception was graciously hosted by Senator Janis Johnson with Senator Nancy Greene Raine and Members of Parliament Stella Ambler, Linda Duncan, Joyce Murray, Kirsty Duncan and Elizabeth May.
Cliff Wallis, Nature Canada’s Vice-Chairman announced Senator Johnson and Julie Gelfand have kindly accepted to act as the Honorary Chair and Co-Chair of the exciting new partnership.With many founding members finding opportunities to meet other female leaders and re-connect with friends and former colleagues, the evening revolved around spirited conversation and inspiring stories of deep connections to nature.

We look forward to inviting other professional women with a deep personal connection to nature to also become involved with the Women for Nature Initiative.

To see how the event unfolded, be sure to view the event’s photo album: 

Many thanks to our corporate sponsors for their generous support of the event.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Former Nature Canada President appointed federal Environment Commissioner

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Julie Gelfand for her recent appointment to Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability. On behalf of the Auditor General, she will be responsible for providing analysis and recommendations to parliamentarians on the federal government’s efforts to protect the environment and foster sustainable development.

Julie Gelfand has a long, rich history with Nature Canada, having served as President from 1992- 2008. She continues to be an ardent supporter of Nature Canada’s efforts to conserve and protect habitat and wildlife in Canada through her involvement in Women for Nature. As Co-Chair of Women for Nature, Julie is a driving force behind this unique partnership of motivated and influential women who champion Nature Canada's work to their network of colleagues and friends.

On her recent appointment to Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability, Ian Davidson, Executive Director of Nature Canada remarked, “This is a very noteworthy appointment and a testament to Julie’s abilities – we are very proud, both in her accomplishments but also because of her leadership in Women for Nature.”

Under Julie’s leadership, Nature Canada led the struggle to win increased recognition of protected areas, establish many new parks and marine conservation areas protecting hundreds of kilometers of wild nature, and bring about new federal legislation to protect nature, including the Species at Risk Act in 2002, among several others. While Julie was President, Nature Canada also completed the significant undertaking of identifying Canada’s Important Bird Areas, and helped provide tens of thousands of children with experiences in nature through the Parks and People Program.

She was instrumental in growing Canada’s commitment to BirdLife International, the global alliance of conservation organizations working together for the world’s birds and people. Her dedication to Canada’s community of naturalists has helped strengthen ties with like-minded groups everywhere, ensuring conservation success through effective partnerships. Julie created and chaired the Green Budget Coalition, one of Canada’s most successful environmental coalitions working to promote ecological fiscal reform.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Be a good neighbour in your naturehood!

What is your naturehood? It is the nature right in your neighbourhood! It is where you live and that includes wildlife and their habitat.

Check out this new infographic that shows 7 ways in which you can help thespecies at risk!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If I had a hammer - Ode to Pete Seeger, my hero

I was saddened to hear that one of my heros, Pete Seeger, has died at 94.  Humanist, environmentalist, activitist, and brilliant performer and song writer, Pete Seeger is an icon, and an important part of American history, and a shining light on the great things of America.   Key moments that have shaped the USA are woven into Seeger's personna, the labour movement, persecution during McCarthyism, the environmental movement, the anti-Vietnam war movement, the restoration of the Hudson River. . . .   If you've sang, or hummed his song "If I had a hammer" you know a bit about Pete Seeger.  

When I was teaching outdoor education with the Waterloo Region District School Board, I would use one of Pete's songs occasionally for one of my indoor lessons.   It starts like this:
"Well gather round people, and sit yourself down
I'll tell you a story of somebody's town
It isn't so near, and its not far away
It's not a place where I'ld want to stay

and the people were scratching, all over the street
because the rabbits, had nothing to eat . . . ."

The children would be scatching their heads, throughout the song, a true lesson on food chains and ecology, wondering why people were scratching because rabbits had nothing to eat.   The answer came in the last verse. 

Pete, you certainly inspired me and millions of others I have no doubt.  May your soul rest in peace, and your spirit and songs live on forever! 

Ted Cheskey, an admirer of Pete Seeger

Monday, January 27, 2014

Women For Nature: An exciting new partnership of 75 women of influence

We can trace Nature Canada’s roots back to one woman—Mabel Frances Whittemore—whose enthusiasm for nature inspired her husband Reginald to establish what would become Nature Canada in 1939. Mabel Frances Whittemore was an educator and nature lover. Her main goal in life was to share her passion for nature with others. So it’s only fitting that, as we approach our 75th anniversary, we continue to honour Mabel’s legacy by creating Women for Nature, a collaborative partnership of 75 women of influence, committed to inspiring and engaging Canadians with nature.

Women for Nature is a philanthropic initiative that brings motivated and influential women from across 
Canada together to champion the work of Nature Canada. By sharing our work and their passion for nature with their networks of colleagues and friends, Women for Nature will help us be more effective in saving wildlife, protecting nature and inspiring future leaders for nature. Our Women for Nature members will help influence, inspire and educate Canadians about the relevance of nature to their lives. Like all our members, they are at the heart of our efforts to engage and empower Canadians to advocate for nature, save species and protect habitats.

Our Women for Nature will join you in helping to fund our innovative national programs which energize young citizens to become leaders for environmental and social changes in their own communities.

Nature Canada’s roots lie with one influential woman. These roots have grown and developed over the past 75 years—thanks to the nurturing support of members like you. Today, these roots can continue to branch out and grow, with the help of Women for Nature—women with vision who choose to share their voices and demonstrate their passion for nature to make a real, positive change.

If you or someone you know is an inspiring leader with a passion for nature, please contact Jodi for more information about Women for Nature at or 1-800-267-4088 ext. 239.